Thursday, December 20, 2012

Green tea but I don't

I know this post won't appear to be very nationalistic and I apologize for that. I think we all have that feeling when we see things or food with rare packaging and we instantly associate them with foreign goods and we like it. I have that similar feeling too whenever we stroll down the grocery section where all the imported goods are stuffed. Though i rarely buy imported goods, I make sure it's worth the buy. And with worth the buy I mean the packaging must be cute. Is that reasonable enough? He he he.

 So here goes our new favorite drink (I mean, his). It's surprisingly very cheap but the colors are so beautiful and so I had to grab one form the Krispy Kreme Counter. Btw, Tiffany Blue and Magenta are my new admired colors, just like the ones I used on my new header.


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