Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tonight — we are young!

Yes it's my 20th birthday and I feel young and no, you can't disagree. 
Look, my day started perfect when he arrived with these beautiful flowers. Too cute and mushy and my smile was just too... I don't know, underrated? XD

At Hukad while we're waiting for our food to be served. We were so hungry that we left sanity behind and forgot to take pictures of the food. haha
Sky Garden, SM Lanang. Hehe yes, it was my first time.

The colors are way too pretty! I love the effects!

Baby's getting good at taking pictures! (At Java Jive)

And lastly, VPLACE! HAHAHA We leave everything in history. The people were so funny, amazing, hilarious, etc.

I wish this day didn't have to end. 

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