Saturday, October 27, 2012


Here we go, another space in the web to rant and sketch. I think I just have to abscond my old blog simply because it's full of memories that I have to leave behind. Emotional.

This is a start of a new story, and new chatters of a renewed life!

And oh by the way, for some of you who wanted to know the meaning behind my blog title, well, it's actually from Harry Potter (hello witches, wizards, mudblood, death eaters!). Scarlet and Gold are the colors that represent my house, the Gryffindor! Moreover, I am a stalker of some awesome blogs here and I kind of like how they use their names as their blog titles so, because I'm an obvious inggitera, there! I proudly flaunted it like it's really cool to watch. Euh!

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